A Millennium Falcon?

Do you need something 3d printed besides teeth....... how about a minature millennium falcon. We...
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In-House 3d Printed Models

Utilizing our new In-house 3d Printer we are able to 3d Print Models from *inter-oral scans as...
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VitaBlocs Triluxe Forte

Built on top of the Mark II material the VitaBlocs Triluxe Forte is a more esthetically pleasing...
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VitaBlocs Mark II

VitaBlocs Mark II are now available for prescription. More information about this material is...
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Vita Enamic

Another product added; Vita Enamic, to our expanding line of products. If you would like more...
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Vita Suprinity

Starting today we are now offering Vita Suprinity to our growing line of products. If you would...
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