Custom Fit Bleach / Whitening Trays

Want whiter teeth with as little as 30 min a day with results in as little as 7 days? Custom fit...

Fabricate Crown without the partial

When fabricating a crown under a partial it is very in convenient for the patient to have to give...

Now Thermoforming in Office

With the recent purchase of a Erkodent machine we are able to fabricate a multitude of appliances....

Comfort H/S Bite splint Provider

Do you Grind or have pain in your teeth at night? Utilizing Erkodent’s thermoforming machine...

Website Overhauled

Our website was down for much needed update. We had a mobile and desktop version of the website in...

3M ESPE Lava Ultimate Now Available

Lava Ultimate restorative is the world’s first resin nano ceramic CAD/CAM restorative material....

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e.Max Bridge
Long Term Provisional's

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