Layered Provisionals

Provisional crown‘s are usually made to protect a tooth while a permanent dental restoration is made. A provisional crown can be used for other purposes. It can be made instead of a crown or bridge when a patient can not afford a permanent one but needs something now. In cosmetic cases, they can be made from an aesthetic diagnostic wax up that the patient has approved. Because the temporary has the same shape, size, and contours as the final one, it allows the patient to evaluate his or her new smile before the final restoration is made.

Provisional‘s can be made from dental acrylic or dental composite material. Regardless of the material used, it must be highly polished to avoid irritating the gums and possibly causing gingival recession.

Temporary Cement

  • Bridges, full arches, crowns
  • Complex cases, including multi-unit situations
  • D2932 Prefabricated Resin Crown
  • D2970 Temporary Crown

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