Dear Dr. and Staff,

First and Foremost Happy Holidays to you and all of your Staff. We hope 2014 was a great year for all of your families. Here at Stewart Dental Laboratories we are very grateful for the support and commitment we have received from your office through the years and wish all the best for many
years to come.

This letter today is to inform your office of new services and old services the lab will be offering. Many products are options that we have offered for a long time, but many offices are unaware of the availability from our lab. Unfortunately, we have not been informative enough in the past to let your office know of these services and our goal is to change that going forward. Our goal is to release at least 1 new product a week until we run out of new services to add. We will do our best to communicate better through the delivery of informative brochures about new products, but your office can be instantly informed through our website:, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Digital sources of media will be updated first when products/services are available, followed up with handouts / brochures. Also, if there is a product that you would like for us to oer and we don’t, please request it and we will be happy to rush it to the top of our list of new products.

We would also like to inform your oce of internal changes to billing dept. that the lab is changing to produce a more transparent and easier to understand invoice. In the past, we had a few Doctor’s offices doing their own model work from start to finish, but in 2014, we have had 0 Doctor’s doing fully completed model work. So starting in 2015, we will be grouping the model work cost into the crown cost. This way, the invoice is easier to understand and internally the invoice will be less prone to mistakes. We also plan on making many of our products that we currently charge for today FREE for 2015. A few examples are Mesial/Distal/Lingual Rest’s, Guide Planes, Metal/ZR Occlusions, 360° metal margins, splints
for splinted abutment crowns and more to follow. Also starting for 2015 our Warranty and Remake policy will also be more enforced. If you would like a copy of our policy please give us a call to have us fax or email a copy to your oce or you can visit our website @ and find it there.

Last but not least for for 2015 we are going to attempt a few different marketing strategies to help bring in more work. From giving discounts on Social Media, Cash-back bonuses for Doctor Referrals, adding more forms of digital prescriptions, and small on-site/osite lecturing. When items do become available we will defnitely inform your office.

Thank you for your time and we hope your oce has very protable and successful 2015.


Stewart Dental Lab Staff