Are you looking for an outsource lab to produce all sorts of frameworks with unmatched accuracy? Well you have come to the right spot. All frameworks are created in the lab using the latest CAD/CAM technologies. From basic copings, to the some of the most extreme cases with full roundhouse implant zirconia bridge fabricated against an existing partial…. it can be done, and done right, the first time.

Here at Stewart Dental Lab we break down every aspect to a framework and let you have it designed the way you want it. You don’t just get something back that the lab thinks should work, but rather a framework designed by you. The materials that you can choose from are Wax, Zirconia, Clear Plastic, and Opaque Plastic (Multiple colors for all, expect clear plastic), materials can also be mix and matched. Types of restorations involved can be basic coping, anatomical coping, full anatomical roundhouse, full crown, dual split basic (basic coping/full crown), dual split anatomical (anatomical coping/full crown) and many more. All aspects of framework design can also set in 0.05 mm increments. We know it’s hard to find good technicians nowadays and that’s why we are here to help with all your growing business needs. Upload, Mail, or Schedule a pickup of your frameworks to be fabricated, and then receive back a framework that is custom fit to the way that YOU make teeth. Don’t worry about the pain staking tasks anymore and get back to being the artist that you joined this business to be. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the case and all materials involved. Contact Us for a quote or any other information.