Most wonder what kind of impression they should take,  a quad impression or a full arch. 8 times out of 10 we receive a Quad impression’s in the lab,……..which is acceptable.  But if you talk to any lab owner or anyone that does dental restorations on a regular basis, their answer will always be a Full Arch. Even for simple posterior Gold or PFM restoration’s, it will always be a full arch. During the restoration the ceramist has to essential fabricate using what the dentist has provided.

When given a quad impression, the ceramist can only assume that the bite is correctly positioned, creating the excursion and protrusion. Then the ceramist must guess what the other side of the mouth might look like and create a tooth with that interpretation.

When given a full arch, the ceramist is able to duplicate with greater detail and accuracy to what is currently there. It no longer is a interpretation, but a becomes duplication of  the existing teeth.   Which in turn gives you drastically shorter seat times, a lot less chances for remakes, and overall a much happier patient which will come back to your office again and again. So all in all, Quad impression’s will work for the fabrication of crown and bridge. But definitely be prepared to put in some chair time to get the crown to work in complete function with the patients mouth. But the 1st choice for us lab people is a Full Arch each and every time.