For a period of one full year, Stewart Dental Laboratories warranties all non removable restorations will fit the master model and bite assuming abutment teeth were prepared to industry standards appropriate for the prescribed restoration. Failure due to accident, neglect, abuse, changes in tissue or bone structure, additional tooth loss or improper dental hygiene is not covered. This warranty is extended for a period of 3 full years on products for accounts that are active and in good standing.


What’s Covered:

Stewart Dental Laboratories will refund, replace or repair the defective restoration. All cases are kept Digitally for a period of 5 years, if a new restoration needs to be fabricated a new impression in most circumstances is unneeded and case can be restored using the digital file. Please inquire for further information.

All refunds are limited to the amount of the invoice. All items need to be returned to receive a refund. Stewart Dental Laboratories reserves the right to determine if guarantee is applicable.


What’s NOT Covered:

  • Cash Refund for work completed
  • Cost for removal or re-insertion
  • Cost for incidental or consequential damages, including inconvenience, lost chair-time, transportation costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, or loss of profits.
  • Repairs of appliances partially fabricated or completely fabricated by another laboratory other than Stewart Dental Laboratories
  • If minor adjustments need to be done to the restoration itself, (exp. Mesial/Distal/Occlusal addition or subtraction, shade change, etc.) the restoration must ALWAYS be returned. If restoration is not returned a full charge for a new restoration will be incurred.
  • If new impression’s are taken or prep has been altered, the warranty for the product becomes void and new charges will be incurred for a new restoration.
  • If customer chooses to go forward with a treatment option that is not recommended by Stewart Dental Laboratories this guarantee becomes void. Customer will be informed of this risk in advance.

Information pertaining to the Warranty & Remake policy is subject to change without prior notice